Monitoring and control systems that can withstand extremely harsh environments.  Their capabilities are endless, if you have a problem our products provide the solution!

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Extreme Endeavors is a highly-diverse small engineering group.  We offer Engineering services, IT Support, Research and Technology Transformation.  Most importantly, though, we provide the solution to a problem. 

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Latest projects

Little Creek Public Service District

The Little Creek Public Service District (PSD) is expanding its district to service over 900 customers. They are adding miles of water pipe, two tanks and a pump station. Extreme Endeavors has been contracted to provide the control system for this district.

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Camera System for the City of Philippi

The first component of a smart city system is video infrastructure.  Extreme Endeavors has partnered with the City of Philippi to establish video monitoring for facilities around the city.  We refer to it as a partnership because each team member performs different tasks and by working together we have made technology feasible for even small cities in America.

IT Support-Security Upgrade

Preventing today’s constantly evolving security threats may seem complicated. There are some basic steps that you can do to protect your computer systems and network infrastructure.  If you run a business or organization that has even one computer on desk, you need to worry about your IT security.  Extreme Endeavors can help guide you through several steps to make your network and systems more secure.

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Latest news & events

Jun 12 2017

Drone Detection Research

Extreme Endeavors Developing Sensors in Detection of Drones - US military operations in the Middle East have been impacted by small drone aircraft.  Extreme Endeavors has been working with NASA Langley Research Center on infrasonic technology to detect these small drone aircraft. 

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May 17 2017

Water Loss Calculations

Extreme Endeavors SCADA System Calculates Water Loss Every Hour - Water loss is one of the largest issues facing our public infrastructure. Early identification of leaks and water loss can save a city or public service district thousands of dollars a month. Extreme Endeavors has developed technology and formed partnerships to add water loss calculation on an hourly basis as part of our SCADA systems.

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Latest Innovations

MicroNode Under Development

The Micronode is Extreme Endeavors’ latest IOT platform, an Internet-ready device the size of a quarter which has an array of sensors and control modules it can connect to, allowing monitoring and control cost-effective enough to go anywhere. The Micronode can be battery-powered, lasting for years, or powered by energy-harvesting technologies. It communicates over WiFi, or will have an attachment for an industrial Ethernet connector.

This development is being conducted to support two other companies that currently require miniaturized WiFi connectivity. Contact us to inquire how the micronode can fit into your product.

Remote Restart Capabilities

It is profitable for a business or entity or use automation at remote stations for one reason, it eliminates people (which is the most expensive resource) from having to travel to the site.  At Extreme Endeavors we are taking this concept a step further. We are integrating a command into our smart modules that remove power from the system and provides a hard reboot of the electronics.  

Turbidity Monitoring System

Water plants in West Virginia are required to monitor and log the turbidity of the output of their plant as per Department of Health regulations.  Extreme Endeavors has developed a monitoring system just for this application. 

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