Although our engineers have custom-created our products to meet specific challenges and survive under the most unnerving conditions, their creations have become commercialized and adapted to mainstream equipment needs all over the globe. Our monitoring and control systems can easily conform to your needs, whether great or small.

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Extreme Endeavors is a highly-diverse small engineering group.  We offer Engineering services, IT Support, Research and Technology Transformation.  Most importantly, though, we provide the solution to a problem. 

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Latest projects

Immediate Response Service for Emergencies

A water production facility outside of Grafton, West Virginia has become accustomed to a new type of service from Extreme Endeavors. They call for support, and within an hour we are on site helping them with the technical aspects of their problem.

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Mount Hope Monitor and Control Purchases SCADA as a Service

While technology and innovation make Extreme Endeavors stand out, our business relationship with Mount Hope Water Association also makes us stand out. Without any money down, The Mount Hope Water Association has a SCADA system from Extreme Endeavors!

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Little Creek Public Service District

The Little Creek Public Service District (PSD) is expanding its district to service over 900 customers. They are adding miles of water pipe, two tanks and a pump station. Extreme Endeavors has been contracted to provide the control system for this district.

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Latest news & events

Oct 16 2016

Smart Cities

Extreme Endeavors’ products are now being integrated into the Smart Cities concept. Across the globe – from Casablanca to Perth, Portland to Pittsburgh – cities are becoming more technologically advanced. Many cities have made impressive improvements, allowing improvements in traffic flow, grid power quality and emergency services.

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Oct 18 2016

Internet of Things!

The Internet of Things links together networks, devices and data. It helps you learn more about the things vital to every level of your business or operation. Extreme Endeavors has developed a suite of tools (software and hardware) that allow you to gain real-time insights into things you value the most.

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Latest Innovations

Environmental Module

Extreme Endeavors is currently developing a new type of environmental monitoring system. This monitoring system attaches to the SingleNode, with multiple configurations allowing the user to use it as a weather station or a microclimate monitor. The capabilities will allow data logging for years.

The Environmental Module is scheduled to be released in February of 2017. Contact us for further information.

SingleNode Lightning Protection

The SingleNode is our best-selling module. Its ruggedness and durability have proven themselves time after time, and we just made it better! The SingleNode product has found a niche in monitoring towers and water tanks in remote regions and on top of hills/mountains. Connecting electronics to large metal items on mountain tops is one of the hardest applications for electronic systems, due to the danger of lightning. To help eliminate lightning problems, Extreme Endeavors has changed the Ethernet communications circuit to contain some of the most advanced lighting protection known.

This is what separates out Extreme Endeavors. We continuously analyze problems and improve on the solutions, giving the customers the best-known products and services. 

MicroNode Under Development

The Micronode is Extreme Endeavors’ latest IOT platform, an Internet-ready device the size of a quarter which has an array of sensors and control modules it can connect to, allowing monitoring and control cost-effective enough to go anywhere. The Micronode can be battery-powered, lasting for years, or powered by energy-harvesting technologies. It communicates over WiFi, or will have an attachment for an industrial Ethernet connector.

This development is being conducted to support two other companies that currently require miniaturized WiFi connectivity. Contact us to inquire how the micronode can fit into your product.

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