Although our engineers have custom-created our products to meet specific challenges and survive under the most unnerving conditions, their creations have become commercialized and adapted to mainstream equipment needs all over the globe. Our monitoring and control systems can easily conform to your needs, whether great or small.

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Extreme Endeavors is a highly-diverse small engineering group.  We offer Engineering services, IT Support, Research and Technology Transformation.  Most importantly, though, we provide the solution to a problem. 

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Latest projects

Cloud Based Tank Monitoring System

 The Extreme Endeavors engineering team recently developed the Cloud-based Tank Monitoring System for the Department of Environmental Protection in WV.  Law-makers had to act quickly to respond to a chemical spill and a resulting water emergency that occurred in the Elk River in Charleston.  The spill affected nearly 300,000 residents in nine different counties.

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Water Production Control System

Phase two of the Huttonsville Public Service District’s water purification and delivery project is currently in progress, and Extreme Endeavors is on the job ensuring accurate and efficient control of the intake and purification process as well as adequate delivery of the finished product.

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Barbour County Chamber of Commerce Website Redesign

Web site design and re-design is one of our specialties!  Often, your web page is the first contact a potential client has with your company.  You have just one chance to make a first impression and demonstrate your ability to meet the needs of your readers.  Recently, we helped the Barbour County, WV, Chamber of Commerce gain a fresh, new look and the opportunity to satisfy the search inquiries of prospective new-comers to its community. 

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Latest news & events

Jan 20 2015

Cloud Based Rain Monitoring Subscription

We made recent advancements on our EMS Cloud-based software that allows the sale of a subscription service for rain monitoring.  If your organization needs to monitor rainfall to meet regulations, give us a call!  We can help you with no upfront cost:  you can simply pay a monthly fee to have your rainfall data monitored on the cloud.

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Feb 27 2015

Fiber Connection Made to Remote Facilities in Randolph County

Extreme Endeavors recently took on a contract to string over a mile and a half of fiber through the mountains of West Virginia.  After days of working in the blowing snow and cold, pulling cable through conduit, placing solar panels to power the media converters and placing connectors on the delicate fiber, the connection is operational and is providing high speed internet to a remote site.

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Latest Innovations

Enhanced Ethernet Connectivity

Extreme Endeaors recently developed Software within our Embedded TCP/IP Stack to allow one device to act as a server and another as a client, providing dynamic nodal properties of our sensor systems!

Underground Facilities Making Noise?

Extreme Endeavors has spent years researching the micro-climate of caves.  As a direct result of this micro-climate analysis, we have detected extremely low-frequency acoustical signatures resonating from caves.  Why is this significant?

New Innovative Mold to Cut Production Costs

Going into the production of molded plastic enclosures can require an initial investment of over $20,000.  However, Extreme Endeavors developed a mold system that started us producing the IPAC-B and IPAC-I series with an initial investment of only $1,000.  We slashed 95% off the cost of production!

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