Remote Restart Capabilities

It is profitable for a business or entity or use automation at remote stations for one reason, it eliminates people (which is the most expensive resource) from having to travel to the site.  At Extreme Endeavors we are taking this concept a step further. We are integrating a command into our smart modules that remove power from the system and provides a hard reboot of the electronics.  

Everything we can do to eliminate a trip to maintain our electronics is our focus.  Take the example of our tank monitoring system for the Department of Environmental Protection where a thunderstorm rolled through that caused the cellular data modem to lose connectivity.  A trip out to the station showed that resetting the power allowed the modem to reconnect.  As we make plans to change out the modem, the system is connected so that we can automatically send a hard reset command and avoid the trip until the contract can be approved to provide a new modem.


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