Enhanced Ethernet Connectivity

Extreme Endeaors recently developed Software within our Embedded TCP/IP Stack to allow one device to act as a server and another as a client, providing dynamic nodal properties of our sensor systems!

This development allows embedded systems to talk with one another over a network connection, adding sophistication and intelligence to our network of sensors and control systems.  Lets look at the example of a control system stretched over an area of a couple of hundred square miles:

A computer is being used to control the level of water in your water tank, turning on a pump station to fill that tank.  A major storm knocks out the internet connected to your control computer.  The SingleNode sensor system that is monitoring the tank's water level can now  open a port directly to the INSCADA system controlling the pumps and perform an emergency request to turn the pumps on or off.

Where do we see this concept going in the near future?  Let's say you want to place several monitors throughout a mining area.  The sensors have the ability to engage a WIFI connection and search for node hops out of the forest. 

 This development allows our sensor networks to be truly dynamic, providing intelligence for a sensor to search a link route to insure that data can be rerouted as needed.  Call us today to inquire about how this technology can be applied to help your control system.

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