Underground Facilities Making Noise?

Extreme Endeavors has spent years researching the micro-climate of caves.  As a direct result of this micro-climate analysis, we have detected extremely low-frequency acoustical signatures resonating from caves.  Why is this significant?

 First of all, it give us a means to locate the caves.  NASA was interested in this method as a means to detect caves on Mars!  Think of the possible military applications of being able to detect caves using sound!

In addition to cave detection, this micro-climate analysis raises some significant questions. For example, the same low-frequency sound emitted by caves is also emitted by wind turbines. Could this be why bats are attracted to wind turbines? 

A good deal of research has been done on bats hearing extremely high-frequency sounds, but no one to date has documented any research on the ability of bats to hear low-frequency sound (or infrasonics).  If bats can hear in the lower-frequency range, we could understand and explain their behavior in a much better way. We invite biologists and other research organizations to come in and further explore this with us!


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