Cloud Based Rain Monitoring Subscription

We made recent advancements on our EMS Cloud-based software that allows the sale of a subscription service for rain monitoring.  If your organization needs to monitor rainfall to meet regulations, give us a call!  We can help you with no upfront cost:  you can simply pay a monthly fee to have your rainfall data monitored on the cloud.

We are adding features to our rain monitoring system on a daily basis.  View the data you need on a standard web browser, on your phone or have it emailed to you on a regular basis. Do you need to receive alerts? Yes we can provide that for you. Do you need your measurements to occur in a remote and desolate environment or the middle of a city, we have the connectivity solution ready for you.


Choose between

  • Ethernet
  • Cell phone modem communication
  • Wireless bridged network using our portable tipping tower system
  • Satellite Communications


Let our engineers help you to remove the environmental monitoring burdens.

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