Barbour County Chamber of Commerce Website Redesign

Web site design and re-design is one of our specialties!  Often, your web page is the first contact a potential client has with your company.  You have just one chance to make a first impression and demonstrate your ability to meet the needs of your readers.  Recently, we helped the Barbour County, WV, Chamber of Commerce gain a fresh, new look and the opportunity to satisfy the search inquiries of prospective new-comers to its community. 

The Barbour County Chamber of Commerce feels it is a privilege to help to advance business development in its county. It does so by expanding current businesses and by assisting new businesses which desire to enter the community. Extreme Endeavors is helping make Barbour County’s goal a reality by giving its web site a new design and a user-friendly appearance.  Prospective businesses and tourist alike can now get a bigger picture of Barbour County as they search through the many listings we have created for attractions, educational opportunities, entertainment, historical sites, parks and recreation, places to stay and transportation.

The Barbour County Chamber of Commerce site redesign is sure to have visitors looking at Barbour County in a new, encouraging light.  Extreme Endeavors can give your business site the fresh new look that it may need, too.  Contact us, and we will help you think through some great ideas for bringing your site to life and maintaining the interest of your visitors.  We can help take the guess-work out of your on line advertising and help you prepare to answer the questions of your next potential client.

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