We investigate your needs and wishes and propose an individually tailored solution at a reasonable price. We have experience in providing everything from 3-D graphics with advanced algorithms to a small cell-phone application.

Many companies will tell you what features their SCADA system offers. Extreme Endeavors takes a different approach: Tell us what you want and need in a SCADA system, and that is what we provide! If you don’t know how to begin to tell us what you need, please call or email us and explain what you do and what is produced/managed.


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The SCADA or ICS solution is intended to save you time and money. We have a SCADA and ICS solution to maximize your operation's efficiency and reliability. The flexibility of our SingleNode, INSCADA and IPAC platforms, and our ability to integrate with other technologies, make us the leaders in providing systems that are state of the art and easy to use, and minimize your operating costs.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) refers to the control systems for Industrial Automation. SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, and it is a type of Industrial Control System that traditionally covered distributions over long distances, such as gas, power, and water distribution.

SCADA controls many infrastructural services, such as

  • Transmission of electricity
  •  Transmission of gas
  • Transmission of oil
  • Water distribution
  • Traffic lights

Engineered Software and Hardware SCADA and ICS Solutions

Extreme Endeavors offers engineered solutions that provide SCADA and ICS methods to serve industrial applications. Extreme Endeavors utilizes a state-based software solution along with the unimaginable configuration capabilities of our SingleNode, IPAC and INSCADA products, which allow us to give you a personalized system at an amazingly low price point.

Designed by the same team who provide field startup, turnkey solutions and applications, we put our experience to work to proactively understand and meet your total solution needs.

One of our most successful ventures has been in the water and waste-water industry around West Virginia. Our ability to deal with communications issues throughout the mountainous terrain is unprecedented.


The Evolution of ICS and SCADA

 SCADA architectures have gone through a number of generations:

  1. First Generation: “Monolithic”. Used large microcomputers, proprietary communication protocols.
  2. Second Generation: “Distributed”. Used command processing distributed across multiple systems connected through a local area network. Communication protocols still not standardized; security usually overlooked. 
  3. Third Generation: “Networked”. Used components spread over more than one local area network called a Process Control Network (PCN), which is separated geographically. 
  4. Fourth Generation: “Internet of Things”. Uses cloud technologies. Reports state in near-real time. Horizontal scale of cloud, can use more complex algorithms than old PLCs could handle, with increased security. Uses data modeling from object-oriented programming to make use of decentralized data rather than having all data come back to one central location to be displayed via a single user interface.
  5. Fifth Generation: “Dynamic”. Is currently under development at Extreme Endeavors, utilizing self-learning capabilities and integrated mathematical modelling to insure the health of the system. 
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