The Internet of Things (IoT)

The language of the future is of myriads of small, intelligent things all around us, jointly coordinating their activities. Coffeepots that talk to alarm clocks, thermostats that talk to motion sensors, and factory machines that talk to the power grid are just some examples of the benefits of IoT.  Extreme Endeavors has a long history of working with the Internet of Things, being the first known to connect a cave up with the Internet, driving high-speed data connections into remote valleys in the wilderness for monitoring and control applications. These are just a few of our achievements.

The SingleNode, INSCADA and IPAC (and the soon-to-be MicroNode) are all examples of equipment developed to serve the Internet of Things.

Extreme Endeavors play a key role in building a programmable world. After all, what’s remarkable about this future isn’t the sensors, nor is it that all our sensors and objects and devices are linked together. It’s the fact that once we get enough of these objects onto our networks, they’re no longer a bunch of one-off novelties or data sources, but instead become a coherent system, a vast ensemble that can be choreographed.

Why does this matter?

Extreme Endeavors has formed several partnerships, based on taking a simple everyday item and putting it on the Internet. We have helped several companies and startup organizations become involved in the Internet of Things revolution. What is your next idea, and how can we help you get it on the Internet?

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