Research at Extreme Endeavors is unique.  Even our most basic task begins with questioning how we can become more productive and how our discoveries can be used in other applications.

For example, in researching local caves, the same techniques that allow us to record acoustical signatures (emissions of sound) also allows NASA to detect caves on Mars. This same research has benefited biologists who are studying bats. Sharing and reapplying our discoveries can benefit not only the primary customer but every customer that employs Extreme Endeavors in the future.

Extreme Endeavors has been very successful in the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program. Generally, our research is such that the advances we make save people time and money. Our goal is to use this research to benefit all of our customers.

Extreme Endeavors has performed research projects for private industry, for the federal government, for non-profit organizations, and under partnerships with universities. When  we designed our facility, we built on a remote site and organized our office and lab space to provide a flexible platform, adaptable for varying research needs. Whether that research involves a federal evidence-holding facility, the ability to set off combustible devices, or bench-top testing in a controlled environment, we can generally accommodate the research at a much lower cost than those facilities located in high-rise office complexes.

Some Examples of Our Research


Extreme Endeavors developed a system for monitoring underground environments. This robust, extremely-precise and accurate system has led to one of the most state-of-the-art microclimate monitoring projects known. Through this research we ensure that the Virginia Big-Eared bat and Indiana bat, which are two endangered species, have a habitat unaffected by the local mining community. From this research, Greer Industries has even gone beyond meeting their permit requirements and provided federal and state researchers with valuable knowledge about microclimate systems.


Acoustics has long been a research topic for Extreme Endeavors. We have performed low-frequency acoustical research on tunnels, wind turbines, and caves. One of our more unique concepts uses acoustics as a biometric or mechanical identifier, such as listening to the gait of a human or identifying a particular car based on the sounds created at specific speeds. Extreme Endeavors has a selection of sensitive microphones, sound chambers, sound tubes, and computer acquisition equipment so that we can perform advanced mathematical tests on various sound patterns and correctly identify their source.


Extreme Endeavors initiated this research to assist the firefighting industry, where the cause of more than 50% of on-duty deaths is over-exertion. We look at questions such as how to create a system similar to that on the dashboard in your car, except tailored to the human body. This research is impressive enough that it caught the eye of Texas Instruments and was featured as a keynote demonstration held in Dallas, Texas, where the CEO of Texas Instruments used our research to demonstrate to thousands how creative people can be with their products.

Federal Investigation

Extreme Endeavors has used our research and engineering to assist in federal investigations. We have assisted by providing significant research that shows the failure points of systems which cause tragedies, developed monitoring systems that detail testing, and have even worked on processes for cutting hardened steel with a thickness of two feet so that samples can be removed from the field and taken to a laboratory in Washington, DC. We specialize in providing a clean, easy solution when the problem to overcome in your investigation goes beyond that of the normal.

Autonomous Power Systems

One of the key needs of operations in remote regions for sensors, other electronics, and general research is having autonomous or off-grid power solutions. Many people boast of trailers and power generation units, but Extreme Endeavors has performed research and development to the point that we can tout off-grid power systems in the field that have run for five years without dropping power to our systems. How did we accomplish this? We research every aspect of the power consumption needed and the component performance of every part of that power system. We harness wind and solar power whenever necessary and practical - saving you a power bill!

Environmental Stewardship

Extreme Endeavors has been working closely with the mining community and the Department of Environmental Protection. Our research is focused in this steroidssaleguide area to protect the environment with equipment that reduces the operating costs for mining. While most mining companies are already in favor of environmental stewardship, the concept of reducing operating costs while protecting the environment has not always been realized by many companies, and it is garnering much interest.

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