Infrastructure Solutions

Every organization all the way from sole proprietorship consultants to mega corporations must have a solid underlying foundation for providing their goods and services. This groundwork, or infrastructure, is made up of certain ingredients and qualities that help an organization's mission operate smoothly. It is this foundation that enables a business to carry out its primary operations. At Extreme Endeavors we excel at providing solutions that expand an organization's foundational "tools" as well as use what the company already has to work with in an optimal way.  The result is improved efficiency and greater potential.

There are two main aspects to providing solutions for an organization's infrastructure. The first skill needed is the tangible aspect of identifying the physical parts that make up the infrastructure system itself. Knowing which parts to use and how to use them takes experience and insight. The second proficiency is more intangible: it is being able to create the best possible design for the job and pulling everything together to make the system work efficiently as a whole. Both the tangible and intangible expertise that Extreme Endeavors offers means that the project will be done right the first time with room to expand and grow in the future. This gives you the best return on your investment.

The Tangibles of Infrastructure Solutions

Automation and Control

Many organizations dedicate a lot of time and resources to keeping operations running smoothly. Often the tasks that are performed by workers can be accomplished at a lower cost, better quality and higher efficiency through automation and control. Whether it is water distribution for a public service district (PSD) or grid power load balancing for industrial sites, we at Extreme Endeavors are fully capable of designing and implementing any supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system you may need. These integral infrastructure systems are the physical tools that allow an organization to productively use their resources to best reach their goals.

Automation increases quality and efficiency and reduces mistakes that can often be made due to human error. Automation seldom completely replaces human labor, but it is meant to assist and improve upon human efforts by providing the information and control necessary to complete critical tasks. An important part of the balance between automation and human control is the human-machine interface (HMI). This is the interface that an operator uses to monitor and control the automation system. At Extreme Endeavors, we take pride in our ability to provide a simple, intuitive interface while also exposing the most options for arranging and fine-tuning the operation of the system.


We live in the Information Age. There is a saying that you can never have too much information. This is true, but it is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount and types of information available. That's why we like to provide monitoring capabilities that provide only the information you need at the right time and in the right format, which makes human operation of the system an easy task.  We specialize in providing the most accurate information in near real-time. Whether it is monitoring the flow rate in an outlet pipe or power usage for an industrial machine, we can combine our sensor expertise with our existing monitoring modules to provide a solution for monitoring that is tailor-made to your needs. Our solutions give you control over your data from wherever and whenever you need it. This allows the information to be consumed by people, computers, or other systems in order to make the most reliable decisions in your day-to-day operations.


Sensors provide the information necessary to determine the state of any given system. The information provided by sensors help people and systems to make informed decisions and take the appropriate actions. Because of their importance, sensors need to be reliable, which means they must be accurate and durable. From our experience with high-end sensors such as missile-grade military pressure sensors as well as cheap sensors like the accelerometers found in a mobile phone, we can help you select the appropriate sensor for your particular job needs. We also have the technology to blend those sensors into your existing setup so that you can get the most out of them and make good use of your existing structure.


One of the most critical parts of any modern operation is communication. People, computers, and systems need to communicate with each other and with the rest of the world. Most communication networks have evolved over time, and they employ many different technologies, methods and practices. Having to upgrade and adapt communication tools has become the norm rather than the exception.

At Extreme Endeavors, we do not try to force a particular model upon an organization, but we try to match and blend in with your existing system. This requires us to be competent in several different technologies and approaches. Whether it is upgrading from UTP cabling to fiber optics or installing a VoIP PBX, we have the experience to handle the needs of your existing system.

Have a problem that no one else can figure out? We specialize in atypical communication requirements. Need to get some video from the top of a mountain? We can create a wireless network with our 900 MHz radios and our portable towers that will integrate seamlessly into your existing network.


More and more organizations are looking toward alternative sources of power. Whether it is to replace existing grid power or getting power where there is no grid, our customers are constantly coming up with extreme requirements that others have not been able to meet. Combining our various power technologies, we specialize in providing customized power solutions that include the ability to monitor and control power profiles remotely, incorporate alternative energy sources such as solar and wind, and switching to an automatic backup for emergency situations.

The Intangibles of Infrastructure Solutions


As a full-service engineering company, Extreme Endeavors can design, build, and install electronics to satisfy any requirement. We specialize in difficult problems that do not have an off-the-shelf solution. Rather than trying to cobble together incompatible components, we create the components that are needed for a given system. Part of the process involves understanding the requirements and ensuring that the system meets a given specification. As engineers, we understand how to approach the solution to any problem. Because a given problem can be solved in many ways, our experience has helped refine the engineering process to produce the best solution that will match your needs.


There are many different approaches to solving problems. The greatest single advantage to the problem-solving process is understanding the problem. Too many people try to solve the wrong problems. With a diverse background of knowledge and experience, our team has developed and honed our ability to solve difficult problems. From the smallest problems to those that may seem almost impossible to solve, we have developed creative solutions for some of our customers' most difficult situations. We attribute our success to our ability to first analyze the problem and then offer original, workable solutions.


Many solution providers require you to replace your existing well-functioning system with a new or seemingly better system. This is often a waste of money and other resources. We are always looking for creative ways to make use of your existing infrastructure to reduce costs and improve transitions. Adding functionality and improving performance seldom means replacement of existing systems. Working new components into your existing system and upgrading your existing system will often result in a better return on your investment.

Strategic Planning

One of the most important aspects of operations for an organization is understanding the business process. Whether it is producing a product or providing a service, every organization uses specific business processes to accomplish their goals. These processes usually evolve over time and incorporate sub-processes that often seem unrelated. At Extreme Endeavors, we are always analyzing processes to enhance, extend, and scale operations. Having the right approach to strategic planning can mean the difference between success and failure. We don't just offer solutions, but we provide justifications for why a given solution is better not only now, but years down the road as well.


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